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Thanks for stopping by and seeing what all this Yoga buzz is about.

One of the most important things I'd like to share with you is how yoga came into my life.

I am a Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in 2011 at the age of 29 and joyfully received clear scans in 2016 at the age of 35.

It was a long, hard road paved with multiple surgeries, four different chemo drugs and a vast array of other medications before I received the wonderful news the cancer had regressed.

Yoga was introduced to me by my doctors at MD Anderson, one of the top cancer hospitals in the country.

The combination of chemo drugs and months of steroids to control side effects coupled with the general anxiety of battling cancer was taking a toll not only on my physical health, but my mental health as well. Yoga came sweeping in and introduced me to new ways of managing stress and gently caring for my incredibly weak, achy body.

I'm a Christian who firmly believes God put yoga in my path because he knew it was a tool I desperately needed. I am living proof of God’s great mercy and the endless benefits of yoga.

I earned my certification as a yoga instructor so I could share the boundless benefits of yoga with you.

Join me in a local yoga class or schedule a private lesson with me so we can address your specific needs together.

Allow me to re-introduce you to your body and help you find that inner peace we all need in this crazy life.

See you on your mat

--- Amanda


Let me introduce you to the many wonderful, life changing benefits of Revive Yoga.

About Revive Yoga

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Revive-logo-v1-24-250x127Revive Yoga History

Revive Yoga Studio is the place you come to find relaxation, encouragement, unity and plenty of lighthearted pleasure. Each class is designed to challenge all fitness levels from brand new beginners to those who know their way around the mat. The atmosphere is relaxed and easy going. It's the perfect place to foster new friendships while learning and growing together. Revive Yoga truly compliments all body types, all ages, male and female. Whether you're looking to incorporate yoga into an ongoing fitness regimen to boost performance or you're seeking out a new way to stay healthy, happy and in shape, revive yoga has all you're looking for. text-yoga-70000-trans-v1-8-1600x1067I know you will enjoy yoga, but if you're still not quite sure, then I encourage you to take advantage of my complimentary class offer for 1st time students and enjoy the Revive Yoga experience 1st hand. To qualify for a complimentary first class Text YOGA to 70000 text mesaging terms of service Then follow the instructions you receive.

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